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Due to COVID-19, All dates and times are subject to change.
If you have any questions, feel free to email at

August 10
Hunter Middle School (drive around to the back of the school to the door between the gym and cafeteria)
Anyone interested in Tennis should drop off all 5 completed forms or fill them out.

August 11th
Location: Ooltewah High School
Time: 2:30-4:00

Each participant must have a Physical Form, Consent Form, COVID-19 Consent Form, Cardiac Arrest Form, and Concussion Form.

Bring a tennis racket and water; plenty of water!!! Water is not available at the tennis courts.

ZOOM parents meeting will be August 21st at 5:30 PM. Link:  
Passcode: HMStennis

FORMS: (All Forms are Available in Front Office)

You must have the following 5 forms completed in order to tryout.

Physical Examination Form (Filled out by Physician)
COVID-19 Consent Form  (Filled out by Parent/Guardian)
- Parent Consent Form 
(Filled out by Parent/Guardian and Student-Athlete)
- Concussion Form (Filled out by Parent/Guardian and Student-Athlete)
- Cardiac Arrest Form (Filled out by Parent/Guardian and Student-Athlete)

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