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     Thank you to those who made it to the meeting this morning.  If you missed it for any reason, please see the information below.  You MUST have a physical on file at the school and sign all COVID paperwork before you tryout.  All of the information can be pick up in the main office during school hours.

    Tryouts will be at Bear Trace starting March 9th at 3:45. Tryouts end at 5:00.  You must provide your own transportation to and from the golf course. I will also add a schedule as soon as it is finalized. 

 If you have any questions, please feel free to email me 

Updated 2/20/2021

Golf what to know…   

  1. You must have a physical on file with the school, or you must bring all of the forms to school once you have your physical. If you played a sport this school year, there should be one on file. YOU CANNOT TRYOUT IF I DON'T HAVE YOUR FORMS!

  2. Tryouts will begin on March 9th at Bear Trace.  

  3. You need clubs to tryout.  If you don’t have any please talk with me as soon as possible.  I may be able to find some that you can use, but I can’t make any promises.  You might be able to rent some in the clubhouse at Bear Trace, but you will need your own if you make the team.  

  4. Tryouts are at Bear Trace.  You must provide your own transportation to and from the course.  You will need to bring money for range balls on Tuesday the 9th.  The pro tries to help us out, but a large bag is $6.00.  Make sure you have enough for a large bag.

  5. We will also be playing two rounds at some point. This will cost $6.00 each day.  We cannot play until after 4:00 so you will need to get to the course between 3:30 and 3:45. I will give more information about this on Tuesday the 9th.   

  6. We do not use carts, so if you do not want to carry your clubs you will need to get a walking cart.  

  7. Make sure you play as much as possible between now and tryouts.  You are more than welcome to make your own tee times at Bear Trace.  The Junior fee after 4:00 is $6.00.  Please remember that you are representing our school, even when playing by yourself.  Please make sure you are following proper etiquette and the rules.   

  8. I am not sure how many I will keep this year.  Just because you were on the team in the past does not mean you will automatically make it this year.  I will be sending out an email to teachers with a list of people trying out.  Please keep this in mind. I am sure you are all great kids, and I will not have to worry about anything negative being said about you with grades or behavior.  If you make the team there is a $25 golf fee that will go to the school and you must pay your own greens fees for matches and practice.

  9. Please make sure you sign the sign-up sheet.  Also, make sure that I can read the information you wrote.  

  10. If you have any other questions, please come see me, or email me.  I know that it may be easier to ask a friend, but if you want to make sure you are getting the correct answer, ask me!


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