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2024 Golf

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope all of you have enjoyed spring break. We will play 9 holes tomorrow at Bear Trace. We will also have a parent meeting at 3:30 on the back porch at the club house. Tee times start at 4:00. We should be done by 7:30. If you have any questions please email me [email protected]

If you have a boy who made it to our 1 day of tryouts this week, I sent you an email.  If you did not receive an email, please send me one.  [email protected] 

Tryouts are canceled today.  Please be on the lookout for an email from me. I will use the parent email on PowerSchool to get in touch with you.

TRYOUTS BEGIN TODAY AT BEAR TRACE. Please be there by 4:00. We will meet on the back porch before we go to the range. Make sure to bring money for range balls. 

Golf 2024 Schedule


Updated 1/30/2024

Golf what to know…   

  1. You must have a physical on file with the school. If you played a sport or tried out this school year, there should be one on file. YOU CANNOT TRYOUT IF I DON'T HAVE YOUR FORMS!

You must have the following 4 forms completed in order to tryout. and upload into Final Forms. Instructions linked.

- Physical Examination Form (White Form-Filled out by Physician)
- Parent Consent Form (Yellow FormFilled out by Parent/Guardian and Student-Athlete)
- Concussion Form (Blue Form-Filled out by Parent/Guardian and Student-Athlete)
- Cardiac Arrest Form (Pink Form-Filled out by Parent/Guardian and Student-Athlete) Forms must be uploaded to FinalForms.pdf

  1. Thursday March 29th we will meet after school at Hunter to talk about rules and etiquette before heading to the range on March 4th. We will meet in room 159. You must be picked up in front of the building by 3:30. 

  2.  Tryouts will begin on March 4th at Bear Trace.  I am still waiting to hear back from the golf course to make sure we can start on this day.  Please check the golf page and listen to the Sunday call out. 

  3. You need clubs to tryout. 

  4. Tryouts are at Bear Trace (Still waiting to hear back from them).  You must provide your own transportation to and from the course.  You will need to bring money for range balls.  Small $4.00  Large $6.00

 Make sure you have enough money for at least 1 bag. You purchase these in the proshop. 

  1. For tryouts we will also be playing at some point. This will cost $6.00 each day.  We cannot play until after 4:00 so you will need to get to the course by 3:45. I will give more information about this after our 1st day on the range.   

  2. We do not use carts, so if you do not want to carry your clubs you will need to get a walking cart.  

  3. Make sure you play as much as possible between now and tryouts.  You are more than welcome to make your own tee times at Bear Trace.  The Junior fee after 4:00 is $6.00 if you are walking.  Please remember that you are representing our school, even when playing by yourself.  Please make sure you are following proper etiquette and the rules. Chattanooga First Tee has a session starting on February 1st at Top Golf.

  4. I am not sure how many I will keep this year. As of right now, I will most likely keep 8 boys and 6 girls. Just because you were on the team in the past does not mean you will automatically make it this year.  I will be sending out an email to teachers with a list of people trying out.  I am sure you are all great kids, and I will not have to worry about anything negative being said about you with grades or behavior.  

  5. Please make sure you sign the sign-up sheet.  Also, make sure that I can read the information you wrote.  

  6. If you have any other questions, please come see me, or email me.  I know that it may be easier to ask a friend, but if you want to make sure you are getting the correct answer, ask me!

If you have any questions, please send me an email,  [email protected].  This is the easiest way to get in touch with me.  Also, check the Golf Page on the Hunter Middle School Webiste.  I will update this as soon as possible.  

This is what the schedule is looking like as of 1/31/24. This will change, so please listen to announcements and check the Hunter Golf website.

       Monday                     Tuesday                  Wednesday                Thursday                    Friday





We will meet in room 159 at Hunter after school. This is for students only. 



Practice on the Range at Bear Trace. You will need money for a bag of golf balls. Bring at least $5.00.


Range and or Play 9 holes

I am waiting to hear back from the course.


Practice on your own.


Play 9 or Range Cuts will be made

I am waiting to hear back from the course


Practice on your own

Spring Break

Spring Break

Spring Break

Spring Break

Spring Break


Play 9 holes


1st Match

Hunter and Hixson at Valleybrook



Hunter and East Ham at Bear Trace

*This schedule may change, so please be flexible. Golf is different from sports that can be played at the school.



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