Reading Expectations and Unit Overview 

December 2017- We are currently in our non-fiction unit.  Because of this, students are reading articles in class and only need to read 20 independent pages at home and complete 1/2 page of thinking.  Therefore, they will always have homework. The more they read, the more they grow!  In an effort to keep students up-to-date, we will be checking notebooks on a weekly or biweekly basis this quarter. This will be on a random basis.  I will be checking to see that students are up to date in their reading and thinking. 


*** Starting in January***

New Reading Expectation:

·         Students will read 2 books in a three week time period. 

·         Students will use a calendar to record the pages they read.  This calendar will require a parent signature before the notebook check. 

·         A book that is over 500 pages is considered 2 books.  Any book that will be counted as 2 books needs to be approved by me. 

·         Students will complete ½ page of thinking every day.  Some thinkings will be done on a specific topic assigned in class and other will be a free choice of any strategy we have learned. Look in the important information tab for samples.  

·         Notebook checks will be every three weeks and will be posted in the classroom also listed below.

·         During notebook check days, I will be looking for the completion of two books and the amount of thinkings that were done. Thinkings will only be counted if they show evidence that the student is working a specific skill.  These skills can be found on the website.  Individual thinkings that were assigned in class will also be graded separately for accuracy.  


Notebook Check Dates:

January 26

February 16

March 9

March 28

April 27

May 18